"Paul Gerald Psychic, guidance , healer ."

About Me

"Paul has been guiding clients for eighteen years, offering accurate readings, advice but most of all, hope. An inherited gift of foresight with one foot in the future but the other planted firmly on the earth. Therefore; readings are comfortable and real, and feels more like a sharing experience. You leave the reading being heard, advised and prepared for the future, with all issues and life concerns dealt with.

Paul, English by birth, resides in South Africa; has two daughters, so is very much in touch with his feminine side! He hosted the "Destiny Hour" on East Wave radio for two years, where callers asked for guidance on air. Paul is also a mediator, reverend and a naturally gifted healer.

If you require answers, support, predictions- then a reading with Paul is highly recommended. Should you wish to tune in to the daily live stream, you're welcome to ask a question.
Love and Peace"



Psychic offers advice on the clients future so the client can prepare for the outcome in advance.


Guidance people need assistance assurance as the best path to take which is offered in the readings.


Blockages people often can't progress due to past trauma or events as we carry that bad energy and it can be treated with my products.


Readings is a tarot card reading combined with my gift gives the client the probable future outcome.


Products have been developed by myself to promote success in the areas of love abundance protection.

Daily Podcast

Daily pod cast is a call in free of charge to ask a question on air via phone with the hope of a client then booking a reading via phone or Skype using payfast.

Broadcasting Times

Destiny Hour With Paul, South Africa
GMT+2 8:00pm - 9:00pm South African Time
Free call in!
Readings :
USA Callers: (011) + 27 78 122 3584
UK Callers: (00) +27 78 122 3584
RSA Callers: 078 122 3584
Skype: live:.cid.e17b3edeee6e0b8e
30 minute readings: 30, 25, R450
Payment methods: Local- EFT (Capitec)

Online Shop

‘I recognised seven years ago that quite often after a reading, clients had the answers and guidance, but required assurance that life would be more hopeful and better.

Too many times I heard:

“I’m heartbroken”,

“worried sick to my stomach”,

“I need more success”

I developed my products to activate or enhance the chakra areas on our body. For example; looking for love. It made perfect sense to me that my cream applied to this area would encourage and promote this energy. I have had phenomenal reactions to this product. All made with a natural blend of oil and super absorbent formulas.’

Each kit includes lotion, a booklet of motivation and guidance and encouragement, an energising room spray and a motivational prayer/mantra.

Should you require assistance in these areas then I invite you to heal. The success clients have reported is absolutely astonishing.’

Protection Kits

Alleviate and break worry and anxiety, removal of blocks, no black magic/witchcraft, curses or general bad luck.

Contents: Booklet, laminated prayer card, atomizer, protection powder, purified water elixir, cream.

Price (including shipping) 95, 60, R850

Local: 5 days for delivery.

International 2 Weeks for delivery.

Love Kits

To promote love, invite love, activate healing, invite a partner, marriage, revitalising existing love and relationships.

Contents: Booklet, laminated prayer card, atomizer spray, cream.

Price (including shipping) 95, 60, R850

Local: 5 days for delivery.

International 2 Weeks for delivery.

Abundance Kits

Invites success either in career or business deals, money, luck, good fortune in wealth, achievements and goal targets.

Contents: booklet, laminated prayer card, atomizer, cream.

Price (including shipping) 95, 60, R850

Local: 5 days for delivery.

International 2 Weeks for delivery.